Hornington Enterprises Limited

Incorporated in 1984

Incorporated in 1984, Hornington Enterprises Limited forms the core of our group. The company is involved in the manufacture and trading of electronics and toys, the distribution of computers and related accessories, and trade finance activities.

We were one of Hong Kong’s pioneers to establish a trading office in Moscow in 1989. This venture has proved remarkably successful, and now we sell a complete range of household and electronic goods from all major brands as well as our own brand, Scarlett, throughout Russia and many of the surrounding CIS countries.

In the last few years we have established offices in Australia and China, a television factory in Ukraine, and have increased our trading activities in Western Europe, culminating in the setting up of our own offices and distribution in Italy and UK.

Toys are another major area of trading activity, and we offer over 50,000 items on an OEM basis and for Dollar Shops in major markets such as Germany and the USA.

We also pride ourselves on our value-added and flexible trade financing services which, arranged on a case-by-case basis, have helped many of our customers grow their business to new heights. As a result of these continued efforts, turnover from our Group’s trading and trade finance area continues to reach new heights from a staff complement of 140.

Hornington Computers Company

Founded in 1987

Hornington Computers Company, founded in 1987, is a highly-scale computer products dealer. In the past 22 years, through the introduction of a large number of high-quality technology products, including AsRock and ASUS motherboard, BUFFALO networking and storage products, Chenbro server chassis, Choiix cooling base, Corsair memory, CoolerMaster scattered Hot program, Ikonik chassis and power supply, Leadtek display card etc, laptop computers and motherboards, Mtron SSD, QNAP network monitoring system, Synology network storage products, Trekstor mp3, and external storage hard drive machine, etc.,the company has, despite the extreme competition, risen to a leadership position in Hong Kong.

Hornington Investments Limited

Founded in 1990

Hornington Investments Limited, incorporated in England, is another main company of the Chainrai Group. In addition to trading business, it also forms the hub of the several investments of the group. Spanning a wide range of investments in various sectors including Hotels & Resorts, Property Development, Mining, Solar Energy etc in several countries in Asia and Europe, including Hong Kong, China, Macau, Ukraine, Russia, Israel etc.


Year of Hornington Enterprises
Limited incorporation.


Items on an OEM basis and
for Dollar Shops in Germany,
USA and other markets.


Year of Hornington Computers
Company founding.